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Visa + Wellington On A Plate Festival | Welly Beans - Promo/Interactive experience

Awards: Caples Bronze | Echo Awards 1x Gold Mailbox Award, 1x Gold | Axis 3x Bronze | AdStars 1 Silver | Spikes Finalist | Best Awards Finalist | NZDM Finalist

Visa Wellington On a Plate is a culinary festival like no other. It's a festival where the unexpected is expected. So to give New Zealanders a small taste, we didn't make ads you would expect. Nope. Instead, we transformed a festival burger and cocktail into jelly beans – creating Welly Beans – a four course eating experience that is accompanied with a taste-along video. The multi-sensory experience added a whole new dimension to online food-porn, literally giving people a taste of the festival... but just a small taste, enough to entice foodies to head to the Welly.

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